Look for the guys in the red shirts!

Welcome to Fisherman's Canning

Why Fisherman's Canning? Simple... our fishermen have always wanted an additional option for their sport-caught fish. It's no secret that most fish loses it's appeal after being frozen - both in taste and texture. We're proud to offer you two excellent canning options Gourmet Pack and Straight Trade .

Located at Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, we're there to meet the boat when you return from your trip. No matter the catch - Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, or Yellowtail - we have great options for your fish.

Why is our canned fish better? We've become the experts in receiving, handling, shipping and processing sport-caught fish. And although there are major differences between Gourmet Pack and Straight Trade, we guarantee you'll be proud to stock your cupboards and give our cans as gifts.

Check out our site, learn about our products and we'll see you at the Landing.

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